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★[Full set] Sadako vs Kayako with rare Toshio Edge of the Cup figures (5 figures)

Sadako, Kayako and Toshio of the cursed cup!
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The movie Sadako vs. Kayako (The Ring vs. The Grudge) was released here in Japan on June 18th 2016. These figures are a collaboration with Kitan Club's Koppu no Fuchiko series.

This order is for the full series (5 figures), with a rare version of Toshio with golden pants (see lineup below and pictures)

(C)SvsK (C)KC


- ひっかかり貞子 Stuck Sadako 
- ぶら下がり貞子 Dangling Sadako 
- よじ登り貞子 Scrambling Sadako 
- ぶら下がり伽椰子 Dangling Kayako 
- 伽椰子with俊雄 Kayako with Toshio (golden pants version)

Products specifications
ShippingReady to ship (Note: all the items that you order will be shipped together)
Series Name (English)PUTITTO “Sadako vs. Kayako”
Sizeapprox. 4,5 cm (1.7 inches)
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